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Owners Mary Lou and Nick Deviley, owners of Tapuat Brewing Co. opened their first Juice Bar, The Getaway Car in 2008 in Egg Harbor, then in Fish Creek. They purchased Vacationland Farm and The Patio Motel and Drive In Restaurant in 2014 and 2015 with plans to revive and update sustainably.

The Kitschinn Juicery has all you crave from the past and vamps it up with drinks and munchies for a bright and shiny future! Located in the old Patio Drive-In, which was a Door County favorite for burgers and soft-serve. The Kitschinn seeks to keep the vintage vibe alive, but up the vibrational ante with a health-centered, from-the-farm menu.

Throwback to - The Getaway Car -in Fish


since 2008

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